cycleLINK teams up with Gauteng Handcycle Racing Club

On Sunday the 6th January 2013 it was decided in a meeting that cycleLINK would join forces with the Gauteng Handcycle Racing Club in order to unify efforts for the recognition of paracyclists in all races in the Gauteng region.

We feel that this is a step in the right direction to gain recognition as well as selection for our paracyclists at a Local, Provincial and National level.

It is the vision of both cycleLINK and Gauteng Handcycle Racing Club to become the powerhouse of paracycling in the Gauteng region. We feel that the amalgamation will allow us to present a united front to both race organizers as well as Provincial and National selectors that the time to recognize paracycling in Gauteng has arrived.

We encourage all paracyclists to join cycleLINK and cycleLINK have committed to sponsor the first ten membership applicants with licenses. Thereafter cycleLINK has committed to only charge its cost to paracyclists wanting to join the club in order to secure them the necessary license. This will amount to a fee of R150 of which R75 is paid to Cycling South Africa and R75 to Central Gauteng Cycling. cycleLINK has also committed to a page on its website dedicated exclusively to paracycling. Here you will find rider profiles as well as results and lots more information pertaining to paracycling.

All cycleLINK paracycling matters will be administered by Hilary Lewis and Davin Gaier. Paracyclists wishing to join cycleLINK are encouraged to download our membership form from our Memberships page. We also encourage you to visit our website often and check the upcoming events section as this will be updated on a regular basis.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to the cycleLINK family.

Picture is courtesy of Mr Mark Fairhurst of Zeitgeist Images please check out his website for some amazing images.